jeudi 17 novembre 2011

Moroccan Beldi Black Soap

Moroccan Beldi Black Soap
The Best Exfoliator, Ideal for all types of skin even for sensitive skin
For everything around the house from walls to horses

A traditional lightly aromatic gel soap, originating from Morocco . Derived from the hulls of the black olive which are cold pressed, the soap, rich in vitamin E is suitable for all skin types. Black Soap purifies the epidermis by deep cleaning the pores and softening the outer layer of skin - a perfect way to prepare for an exfoliation, the first stage of the hammam bath. Exfoliate with a rough exfoliating glove or a loofah. A Best exfoliator, removes all of the dead layers of skin (the rough, dry outer surface)Ideal for sensitive skinRough, thick and itchy skinExcessively oily skin and acneTo optimize the health of normal skins

Black soap made of olive pulp.
The Moroccan black soap is a 100% natural product, it's made of olive pulp.
The black soap is rich with vitamine E, and has proven results in Nourishing, Moiturizing and Revitalizing the skin.
We can mix the black soap with essential oils (lavendar, Eucalyptus...) to get better results on the skin.

Packaging Detail:

PET jar of 150 grammes, 200 grammes , 5 Kg , 10 Kg , 20 Kg and drum of 200 KG

Delivery Detail:

15 days after receiving deposit and confirming all the details

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