lundi 14 novembre 2011

Lip balm from argan oil.

I am introducing the newly launched lip balm from argan oil.

The product is mainly made from the amazing Moroccan oil argan oil called also the golden oil due to its rarity.

Let me tell you little bit about the amazing argan oil.

Argan Oil Is Recently Known In The World Of Beauty For Its Cosmetic And Health Benefits
The Argan Oil is extracted from the fruits of the Argan tree scientifically named as Argania spinosa. This tree is grown in the South Western part of Morocco, near the Atlas Mountains. These trees are now in danger of extinction and are now under the protection by United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization that is the UNESCO. It was once said to be covered in the semi desert soil in North America. Because of its deep root system it prevents soil erosion. The oil is extracted from the nut born by the fruit .In spite of its benefits in skin and hair. Pure Argan Oil is used through out the Moroccan history by men and women and it is known for its health and beauty benefits. It is only a few days before The Moroccan Argan Oils miraculous benefits is known by the people and it is now used in many beauty products all around the world .Argan oil is rich in vitamin and mineral content . It consists of antioxidants like vitamin e, carotene’s, phenolic acid etc .The Argan oil is totally different from other skin care products because it is natural and does not include any added synthetics. This oil is not only known for its beauty purposes but also is known for its medicinal purposes. Argan Oil is applied to the areas of irritation it is sure to reduce the inflammation in the area .It is said to be a cure for psoriasis it is said to cure the disease. This oil is more beneficial to people suffering with prostrate cancer. Argon oil not only nourishes the skin but also nourishes the hair and nails .Now a days the Essence of Argan is used in all the cosmetic products. Due to the scarcity of Argan tress the Argan oils are expensive but its benefits are extensive.

The lip balm is SPF 15, pantheon, it’s mainly made from Moroccan argan oil and enhanced with kiwi fruits and black current. It softens, hydrates and nourishes lips and protect them from both the cold and sun.

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