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Day and night Argan cream

Day and night Argan cream
ARGANisme Cosmetics S.A.R.L offers a line of skincare that is designed for effective performance. These beauty treatments are based to bring out the best nourishing, moisturizing and healing elements from this remarkable plant.Argan Oil Skin Care Cream  
ACTION: This  cream is  the ultimate defense against external/environmentaltensions.  It can be uses as a day and night moisturizer.  Based withour natural Argan oil, care cream protects hydrates and nourishesepidermis.RESULT : Regenerates the skin and acts preventively against early aging due  to external factors.

It can be with flavors :

Argan Cream with Rose flavor
Argan Cream with Lemon flavor
Argan Cream with lavender flavor
Argan Cream with Jasmine flavor
Argan Cream with musk flavor
Argan Cream with almond flavor
Argan Cream with guardenia flavor
Argan Cream with almond flavor

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