lundi 14 novembre 2011

Argan Creamy Milk

Smooth and soothing, Argan Creamy Milk removes any kind of make up, pollution and impurities that asphyxiate the epidermis. Associating precious ingredients as argan oil, shea butter, hazel nut oil, honey and green tea, it cleanses perfectly, fights against cells oxidization, regulates the sebum’s excess and keeps the natural hydration* of the skin which finds its elasticity, comfort and softness.

Apply Argan Creamy Milk to dry or wet face. Massage gently using circular movements. Remove the excess of Argan Creamy Milk with Beauty Glow Tonic. Oily skins will rinse with luke warm water before using Beauty Glow Tonic and then, pat dry.

Removes the make up and cleanses very effectively. Stimulates the cell renewal. Hydrates* dry skins and balances greasy skins. Anti ageing and firming action. Rich in vitamins. Soothing creamy texture and orange subtle scent. Supple and clean skin.

Organic argan oil, Shea butter, Acacia honey, Hazel nut oil, Green tea extract, Orange oil

100% natural active elements. Paraben free. Phenoxyethanol free. All types of skin.

Packaging Detail:

Argan Creamy Milk can be packed in 125 ml, 150 ml, 200 ml or in bulk in drum of 20Kg

Delivery Detail:

15 days after receiving deposit and confirming all the details

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